Monday, April 24, 2017

April 15-22

She loves her baby dolls and loves going for walks.

She loves swinging.

Her favorite thing to play! (Playdoh)

Sweetly sleeping.

Drama Queen is successfully growing peas in her garden.

Mr. Man and I are doing good at going on weekly dates.

Flower Pink LOVES going to the park, especially swinging, but is always leery of other children.

We went to the city egg hunt the day before Easter.

Flower Pink grabbed 2 eggs and a fair bit of candy.  One of her eggs had a prize paper, she got a Target gift card and used it to get some playdoh sets.

Orem Owlz mascot at the egg hunt.  DQ also got a prize of Apollo Burger gift cards and Sunshine got a card game.

Flower Pink has learned to say this cousins name! 

A fun game we played at Tall Uncle Seth's house.

DQ's Easter basket contents

Happy Easter!

Had a lovely Easter dinner at Aunt Dee's with my parents and eldest brother's family.

Flower Pink loves having Namma and Boppa near.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Flower Pink is 2!

Never to early

to start them helping out around the house!
She's been helping with the dishwasher since she was 1, but it's fun to add to her chores.

It may not quite be done the way I'd do it, but that's okay.

Sunshine had the opportunity to clean their bathroom today.  Washed the mirror, scrubbed the sink and counter, then swept the floor.