Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tester for Everything Your Mama Made

Kymy of EYMM(Everything Your Mama Made) put out a notice in one of my facebook sewing groups that she was looking for testers, and needed it in a short turn around time - aka request was on Wednesday or Thursday and she wanted finished pictures by Sunday.  Of course I applied!  And then wondered if that was wise since it was for a knit top rather than woven.  I'd never really sewn knits before.   But I had plenty.   I was asked to test size 4.

I am afraid of sewing with knits no more!

Seriously, this is the greatest pattern ever.  It sews up so fast and looks amazing and I had NO problems with the knit fabrics.  I'm kinda forcing myself not to make more right now.  I made one for each of the girls, well sort of.  The one for youngest fits Ilaria better, even though it is a size 2, it just seems too baggy under the arms for her.  Looks super cute still though and she didn't ask to change the moment we got home from taking pictures (which the other two did).

It was actively snowing so we went to the library to take pictures.

A plus about this pattern is I think it will be easy to simply turn into a raglan sleeve top.

Pattern available here: Off the Shoulder top/tunic